Xcelerate ...your people

Team Applications

In the current dynamic business environment teams experience a huge amount of change. Our team applications Xcelerate teams to high performance in the shortest timescale.

New Teams - Recruit, Harmonise, Perform

Existing Teams - Re-launch and develop for a revitalised approach

What we deliver

New Teams

  • Recruit teams for best possible ‘natural fit’

  • Xcelerate through the ‘storming, norming’ process

  • Get your team performing to the maximum due to effective communications

  • Capitalise on team strengths

  • Team will have communication skills to influence and challenge colleagues and customers.

Existing Teams
  • An energised, motivated team injected with enthusiasm to focus on the
    business goal

  • Identify individual strengths and capitalise on them

  • Optimise team performance by giving individuals the skills to challenge
    positively to achieve great business solutions.


How we deliver

NLP underpins everything that we do to Xcelerate learning and change in mind set

New Teams

  • Recruitment

    - Profile the jobs motivational drivers using the language and
    behaviour profile

    - Recruit individuals to match motivational drivers of job profile
    giving you the best natural fit.

  • Harmonise the Team

    - Each individual has their own language and behaviour profile and knows how to capitalise on this

    - Real life exercises to work on as a team

    - Team generate ongoing working agreements on how to communicate, feedback and challenge to focus on business outcome.

  • Perform

    - Agree business goals

    - Belief workshop to establish mind set to achieve

    - Agree team actions to deliver goals

    - Identify potential blockers and action plan to overcome.

Existing Teams

  • Take a fresh look to identify team purpose

  • Decide what breakthrough performance looks like

  • Establish mindset to believe team will achieve

  • Each individual has their own language and behaviour profile and knows how to capitalise on this

  • Agree actions on how to achieve breakthrough performance and how to
    best work together.