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Organisational Development Applications

Leadership team development

Organisational vision

Leading people and business

Upskilling mindset and people skills

What we deliver

  • An empowered, motivated, high performing organisation

  • An exciting vision with specific business goals

  • An inspirational leadership team focused on business and able to lead their people to success

  • An organisation with a winning mindset and skills to deliver the vision.

How we deliver

NLP underpins everything that we do to Xcelerate learning and change in mind set

  • Initial organisational inquiry with board/leadership team to uncover:
  • - Current situation

    - Language and Behaviour profile

    - Desired outcomes

  • Visioneering workshop with board/leadership team to develop an inspiring vision

  • Vision launch to energise whole organisation

  • Leadership team 360 feedback exercise to capitalise on strengths and identify areas for development

  • Individual, ongoing 1:1 executive coaching programme to deliver vision and inspire team.