Xcelerate ...your brand

Marketing Applications

  • Market Research working in synergy with market research agencies

    - Testing materials and messages

    - Campaign development

  • Identify and develop your leading advocates (your best customers)

  • Coach sales teams and make every call count.

What we deliver

Brand Life Cycle

  • Testing and Development of Campaign

    - Know how customers are motivated to buy

    - Right materials, right messages, right people

  • Advocacy Development

    - Ongoing loyal relationship with customers in order to grow and
    sustain your business

  • Campaign Implementation

    - Motivated sales team

    - Belief in own ability and in brand

    - Skilled to deliver the right messages.


How we deliver

NLP underpins everything that we do to Xcelerate learning and change in mind set

  • Testing and Development of Campaign

    - Market research to identify customer motivational drivers and needs

    - Test marketing messages

    - Develop optimum marketing campaign based on customers natural drivers to buy

  • Advocacy Development

    - Establish strategic development programme for customers to
    optimise partnership with client

    - Individual language and behaviour profile on customers to optimise client communication

    - Deliver development programmes with customers in partnership with client

  • Campaign Implementation

    - Sales team coached in key language drivers identified in market research in order to optimise buying opportunities

    - Apply language to motivate customers to buy

    - Coach sales team in optimum sales call; make every call count